Company Profile

Lithotech Provides the Ultimate Customer Experience

Welcome to Lithotech, Since opening its doors more than 30 years ago with just two employees, Lithotech has grown to become one of the largest continuously owned printing companies in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.

Our clients include corporations, advertising agencies, design firms, brokers and publishers producing one-color to six-color printed products – everything from books, magazines, catalogs and annual reports to calendars, folding cartons, posters and direct mail.

Lithotech employees are expertly trained technicians and craftspeople who provide the highest level of service to our customers. We are proud of our seasoned team members, whose average tenure at the company is more than three times the national average. In recognition of our position as a leader in the graphics arts industry, the Phoenix Business Journal has continually named Lithotech one of the Top 20 Printers in Arizona.

Our organizational philosophy is based on teamwork. We feel that working in teams not only enhances our day-to-day production, but allows us to create custom programs for our clients that integrate their unique organizational requirements and workflow challenges with our own, enhancing communications and saving time and money.

With presses operating 24 hours a day, Lithotech is large enough to provide comprehensive printing services to our clients but agile enough to react quickly when deadlines matter. Our clients appreciate that they are on a first-name basis with us and have access to every department leader, as well as the company owners, who also serve as team leaders and are involved with daily operations. At Lithotech, your needs are our priority. We promise to be your partner, not just your vendor.

With no shareholders to support and over 30 years of successful business management, Lithotech is one of the most financially stable printing companies in the country. By keeping debt to a minimum, profits stay right in the company, reinvested in new equipment, technologies and staffing. This sound financial footing gives us tremendous flexibility.

Volume buying and prepayment programs allow us to negotiate exceptional discounts on the materials and services needed to produce our products – and those discounts are passed along to our clients. Our strong cash position allows us the ability to offer creative payment programs to our clients that can save them thousands of dollars and improve their cash flow. You can be sure that Lithotech has the resources and the sound fiscal management you need in a printing partner.

Providing personal service, creative solutions and quality products to our clients is the hallmark of Lithotech’s success. Let us show you that we will provide “Solutions from Every Angle.”