Green Initiatives

With its reliance on paper, ink and energy to run its presses, the printing industry has historically been a large consumer of resources. Lithotech is committed to leaving as green a footprint as possible. By encouraging our clients to utilize FSC® certified papers, the PrintReleaf program and recycled papers, using inks that contain soy and vegetable oils, and working with our employees on initiatives to recycle and to increase energy efficiency in our daily operations, we are working to reduce our impact on our environment and improve the health and well being of our employees and our community.

In support and implementation of our Environmental Policy Statement we have adopted a list of initiatives that include:

Maintaining certification with the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Encouraging our clients to utilizeFSC® certified papers, the PrintReleaf program, recycled papers and recycling wast paper, reducing the need for landfill while saving trees, energy and water. Reducing the VOC levels of our inks and solvents by utilizing vegetable and soy based products that reduce air pollution, creating a healthier environment for our employees.

Educating clients and employees on green alternatives. Encouraging digital communications whenever practical including digital invoicing, reducing the use of paper.

Sequencing jobs on press by ink color and sheet size, reducing ink and chemical waste. Eliminate the use of alcohol in all printing processes, reducing water pollutants and significantly improving the air quality within the pressroom environment.

Eliminate the use of all chemicals in the prepress and postpress production workflow by utilizing new technologies that do not require chemical processing and reduce our VOCs and chemical waste by over 50%. This also reduced the use of scarce resources.

Installation and use of alternating discharge units that filter and replace the air within the pressroom reducing the vegetable powder and odors within the plant and creating a safer, cleaner and more pleasant environment for our employees. Instituting a materials inventory program reducing waste to landfills while utilizing existing inventory. Installing energy efficient lighting and climate control equipment and installing a programmed climate system in both the manufacturing and office areas of the building.

Purchasing and utilizing smaller vehicles for deliveries, whenever possible, reducing fossil fuel usage and air pollutants. By utilizing electric carts instead of fork lifts or trucks for moving materials from press room to warehouse and visa versa, reduces the use of fossil fuels while improving the air quality within the building as well as the surrounding environment. Removal of all Halon fire extinguishers and replacement with CO2.

Creating a 3 day work week schedule for many of the manufacturing teams reducing their trips to and from the office. The use of telecommuting and electronic communications and to reduce the need for some employees to be at the office. This reduces the frequency of trips to the office, saving fossil fuels and reducing air pollution. 24 hour-per-day press operations reducing the energy required to power up and power down the equipment and maximizing the output per kilowatt used.

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