Meet Our Team

Lithotech is managed by an experienced and stable team of professionals with more than 200 years of combined experience in the printing and publishing industries and an average of more than 30 years per manager. These managers have an average tenure at Lithotech of over a decade.

All Lithotech employees are selected carefully, with special attention paid to their skill set, experience and, most important, their attitude and ability to work as a team. We do not have titles on our business cards, because we believe that we all have one goal and one primary responsibility: to deliver to our clients what they need, when they need it.

These dedicated professionals give Lithotech its unique advantage.

Butch Platt > Founder, Owner

Primary Focus: Company Management
49 Years of Industry Experience
43 Years at Lithotech

Butch began his career with Southwest Forest Industries, a large paper manufacturer. He then transitioned to the printing industry, holding a variety of positions and learning every aspect of the business. In 1977 he opened Lithotech as a small commercial printing company.

While growing Lithotech’s printing business, he also became involved in a wide variety of publishing concerns. Butch is a former owner of Arizona Homes and Lifestyles Magazine; the former owner of Passport Gateway Publishing, publishers of hotel guest room visitor’s magazines; and the former co-owner of Drive Guide, Inc., which publishes traveler’s guides. In 2000 he sold his interests in the publishing companies, preferring to concentrate his efforts on expanding Lithotech into a print communications company offering an expanded menu of products and services.

A former board member of Printing Industries Association of Arizona (PIAZ), Butch is the driving force behind the Lithotech team. His dedication to continued improvement and technological advancement has allowed Lithotech to not only survive, but thrive in a competitive business environment. With Lithotech he has established a successful business model that encourages integrity, respect, honesty, loyalty and family.

Lisa Platt > Owner, Vice President Sales

Primary Focus: Large Account Management
44 Years of Industry Experience
28 Years at Lithotech

Lisa’s printing career began in Los Angeles as a sales representative for one of the largest commercial printing and packaging companies in the country. In 1980 she was sent to Phoenix to establish and manage a sales office for the Southwest region. During her 39 years in sales and account management, Lisa has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America, Capital One, Max Factor, Capitol Records, Philosophy, US Airways, Dial Corporation and Toshiba. She is experienced in all facets of printing, including packaging, collateral, publications, point-of-purchase, variable data, mailing and fulfillment. At Lithotech, Lisa works with large accounts to establish and manage custom printing programs designed to meet each client’s individual needs.

Dale Huston > Estimating/Purchasing

Primary Focus: Planning/Estimating/Purchasing
46 Years of Industry Experience
30 Years at Lithotech

As a longtime printing veteran, Dale has worked as press helper, press operator, cameraman, stripper, bindery supervisor, scheduler, estimator, planner and production manager. As a team leader at Lithotech, Dale is responsible for the estimating, planning, materials and cost control for all projects. He has overseen the installation and implementation of the Printcafe system, which is used in estimating, work-order creation, purchasing and job costing.

Dale plays a major role in keeping Lithotech cost-competitive by creating key alliances with major suppliers and negotiating bundling and rebate programs that allow us to pass substantial cost savings on to our customers. He plays a key role in analyzing client use patterns and the development
of ordering programs for our customers. His years of experience and expertise give him unsurpassed knowledge of print planning and allow Lithotech to anticipate production challenges prior to the initiation of each project.

Sue Vlasak > Estimating/Purchasing

Primary Focus: Planning/Estimating/Purchasing
40 Years of Industry Experience
9 Years at Lithotech

Sue is a seasoned veteran in the printing industry, starting out as an administrative assistant and moving up to project estimating, job planning and purchasing. Along the way Sue was a successful customer service representative which taught her to see projects through the customer point of view.
Originally from Wisconsin, Sue is a passionate, die-hard Green Bay Packer fan who dearly misses her team but not the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Loving her warmer life in AZ, Sue dedicates some of her free time to help with a non-profit organization that helps children of Arizona’s Fallen Heroes.

Kate Ranney > Director of First Impressions

Primary Focus: Runs the Show
35 Years of Industry Experience
15 Years at Lithotech

Kate truly runs the front of the house. She is the one who will always greet you with a smile when you walk through our door, and the happy voice when you call. Kate will joyfully answer any questions and quickly get you to the person you need. She is simply the best at what she does (which is everything) and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Russ Wadecki > Plant Manager

Primary Focus: Plant Operations
42 Years of Industry Experience
10 Years at Lithotech

Russ began his printing career in Chicago in 1978 as a press operator and is experienced in small and large offset; duplicator; and full and half-size web presses. Prior to leaving Chicago, he achieved the position of plant foreman, overseeing the press operations for a large web printing company. In coming to Phoenix in 2001, Russ worked as Plant Manager for a quality sheet fed printer in the East Valley. At Lithotech, Russ leads a team of experienced craftspeople who operate 24 hours a day, six and sometimes seven days a week. In addition to his many contributions to the Lithotech team, his overall focus remains the successful production of each and every project.

Sue Mehlhaff > Account Management

Primary Focus: Exceeding Customer Expectations
38 Years of Industry Experience
16 Years at Lithotech

Sue has printing in her blood. Her father bought into a printing franchise when she was a teenager and the rest is history. She learned about work ethic and project management at an early age and picked up training and process improvement skills along the way. Her well-rounded experience includes working for small family-owned shops and Fortune 500 companies in roles ranging from Typesetter to Regional Training Manager.

“It really is all about relationships,” Sue says sincerely. “The golden rule applies. How do I want to be treated? The answer is simple – with courtesy, respect, integrity, significance, and kindness. Just treat others the same way. It’s amazing what happens when you do. You plant the seeds, nurture them to create loyal customers and cultivate long-lasting relationships that often grow into friendships. What could be better than that?”

Scott Kann > Account Manager

Primary Focus: Print Management Specialist
32 Years of Industry Experience
30 Years at Lithotech

Scott has 25+ years in the commercial printing industry, and his passion for what he does is still as strong as ever! Scott’s commitment to provide customers with nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL customer service is what drives him each day. With a vast knowledge of printing, along with our state of the art equipment and highly skilled staff, Scott is proud to help guide his customers with their projects and providing them with the highest quality products to meet their marketing and commercial printing needs.

Lydia Montgomery > Account Manager

Primary Focus: Account Management & Customer Service
39 Years of Industry Experience
6 Years at Lithotech

Lydia’s 35+ year printing career started in South Orange County, California. She earned her BA in Graphic Design from California State University – Fullerton and uses her design knowledge to provide multi-level solutions for her clients. Lydia was a print buyer for the amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA, which taught her to see all printing project from the customers point of view. She had a long run with The Dot, one of the largest commercial print companies in Southern California, handling digital print, commercial print, package design, and web print. Lydia has managed some substantial accounts including large advertising agency’s like Saatchi & Saatchi and Alcone Marketing in the Los Angeles and So Cal area to large corporations such as Pacific Life Insurance, Burger King and the CA Lottery. Lydia moved to Arizona in 2006 and joined Lithotech in 2014 where she passionately creates strong client relationships with superlative customer service, integrity and attention to detail to get the job done right.

Greg Schutsky > Account Manager

Primary Focus: Account Management & Customer Service
37 Years of Industry Experience
3 Year at Lithotech

At the end of the day, the printing industry boils down to one thing. As Greg says, “It’s ink on paper.”

Greg has worked in the printing industry since he began running a press when he was 15 years old. By the time he was 19, Greg had secured his first sales job selling printing to corporate accounts in New York and New Jersey. Greg then moved to Arizona in 1984 and sold on behalf of a local printer before starting his own business in 1990. He ran that business for nearly 30 years – while also raising a family – before coming aboard the Lithotech team in 2017.

Throughout his career, Greg has serviced many corporate and non-profit clients, including Microsoft and Best Western. However, he has also worked with a range of local small businesses, school districts, and municipalities, and he continues to maintain relationships with many of these clients to this day.

Due to his unique experiences – as a pressman, salesman, and business owner – Greg has invaluable insights into the printing industry that allow him help his clients to get the most value for their dollar. He excels at managing projects from inception through completion and ensuring that each and every customer – large and small – receives the product they envisioned on time and on budget.

Jim Fankhauser > Prepress Services

Primary Focus: Electronic Imaging/Online Systems
40 Years of Industry Experience
25 Years at Lithotech

Jim began his career as a typesetter, and he has been involved with computer-generated graphics since computers revolutionized the graphic arts industry. Throughout his career, he has remained on the cutting edge of new technologies. As a team leader, Jim is responsible for managing the Electronic Imaging team, staying abreast of new software and hardware advancements and advising ownership of all advancements applicable to the needs of our clients. His state-of-the-art approach to file preparation and management has kept Lithotech on the cutting edge of production innovations, cost-saving workflows and client-friendly technologies.

Matt Estes > Electronic Imaging, Graphic Design

Primary Focus: Print and Packaging Solutions
25 Years of Industry Experience
16 Years at Lithotech

Matt Estes brings over twenty years of digital design expertise to the Lithotech team and has been problem solving for our clients for over eleven years. Matt earned an A.A. in Visual Communications at the Art Institute of Houston and is considered an Adobe Creative Suite Expert.