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Meet The Team – Greg Schutsky

Lithotech knows we would be nothing without our team members. So, we wanted to spread the news about all the great people we have working with us – and you – under that big ‘ol roof on 22nd Ave…

First at bat, we introduce you to:

Account Manager Greg Schutsky
Focus: Account Management & Customer Service
35 Years of Industry Experience
, 1 Year at Lithotech

At the end of the day, the printing industry boils down to one thing. As Greg says, “It’s ink on paper.”
Greg has worked in the printing industry since he began running a press when he was 15 years old. By the time he was 19, Greg had secured his first sales job selling printing to corporate accounts in New York and New Jersey. Greg then moved to Arizona in 1984 and sold on behalf of a local printer before starting his own business in 1990. He ran that business for nearly 30 years – while also raising a family – before coming aboard the Lithotech team in 2017.
Throughout his career, Greg has serviced many corporate and non-profit clients, including Microsoft and Best Western. However, he has also worked with a range of local small businesses, school districts, and municipalities, and he continues to maintain relationships with many of these clients to this day.
Due to his unique experiences – as a pressman, salesman, and business owner – Greg has invaluable insights into the printing industry that allow him help his clients to get the most value for their dollar. He excels at managing projects from inception through completion and ensuring that each and every customer – large and small – receives the product they envisioned on time and on budget.

The Live & Give Charity Dinner – Friday, April 27th

Check out this event to support the families of breast cancer victims presented by Chic Daily Magazine – a great night of entertainment supporting a great cause. @ChicDailyMagazi

The Live & Give Charity Dinner

What Clients Are Saying – Devin

Thanks Devin!