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Why Do So Many People Love Print On Paper?

The results are in from U.S. consumer surveys conducted between 2015 and 2018 by Toluna, a global polling firm, and Two Sides North America – and the consensus is “the majority of Americans feel that print on paper is safe and secure, sustainable and trusted.

Overall the survey results are very positive in favor of print and paper, in some cases surprisingly so. Although we regularly hear corporations tout going digital or “paperless” as safe, secure and more green – this is clearly not a shared opinion by a large majority of the public who seem to trust paper for many applications,” says Phil Riebel, President Two Sides North America.

The infographic below helps bust key myths about the switch from paper to digital and further expose unsubstantiated and misleading corporate claims about print and paper, including:

91% of U.S. consumers surveyed, agreed that, when responsibly produced, used and recycled, print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate – including 86% of the 18 to 24 year-old age group!

78% of Americans keep hard copies of important documents filed at home as they believe this is the safest and most secure way of storing information.

56% trust the news stories they read in printed newspapers…but only 35% trust the news stories they read in social media.

“With the increase in online security breaches and stolen personal information, for example the latest Facebook scandal, the net advantages of print on paper are becoming apparent over digital. I believe more and more people will become concerned about what may happen to their personal information held electronically. The number is now 76% of people being concerned…but that may go up even more,” says Riebel.