Lithotech is Arizona’s premier packaging printer. We help you create supreme quality packaging solutions that distinguish your product from the competition and increase sales.

Most customers make their buying decision based on your product’s packaging. Packaging is powerful because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different. Lithotech creates quality packages that will differentiate you from your competition and lead to more sales. Great packaging is vital for startups (as well as established brands) because it can have a direct impact on sales and a company’s overall appeal. Lithotech creates packages that enhance your company’s brand experience. We offer eco-friendly options that elevate your brand by making a positive social and environmental impact. A Lithotech designed package will communicate a purpose; what your brand stands for and what it means for your customer.


PCA Sample Box


FLASH Sample Box


RAW Product Box


WE CANDLE Holiday Box

Need help with your packaging ? We can design it and print it.

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