Trakr Online

Lithotech’s Trakr online ordering system is a web-to-print collateral ordering system that saves time and reduces internal and external costs,
while making it easy for clients to control the quality of their printed materials and the integrity of their branding standards.

This complete marketing solution for the management of printed collateral and business materials can be customized to meet each client’s individual needs and allows end users the ability to create, submit and manage print orders within a customized framework.

A broad range of variable as well as static items can be offered, such as business cards, stationery, brochures, newsletters, direct-mail components and marketing collateral. A single integrated platform covers order submission, variable data, proofing, inventory control, comprehensive customized reports and online payment options

Some of the many advantages of the Trakr system include:

Customized site with client’s branded graphics

Password- and login-secured access for one or more predesignated users

User customization and PDF proofing of items from a predetermined product list

Single or multilevel order approval and notification system

Real-time inventory levels for static items

Online payment options through a secured site

Customized reports organized by product, date or user, helping managers make informed decisions

For a demonstration of how Trakr can revolutionize your existing collateral program,

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