Lithotech is Premiere Print Award Winner for fourth year in a row

After reviewing 2,240 entries from twelve countries across the world, the big winners of Printing Industries Of America 2019 Premiere Print Awards have been announced. For the fourth year in a row Lithotech has been recognized for our craftsmanship and quality print work.
It is an privelage to be chosen from so many wonderful projects from across the globe and we want to share the honor with our clients and designers that have worked with us to each year to achieve this recognition – thank you!

This year’s awards are:
Award of Recognition: Brochures and Broadsides, Small
Phoenix Convention Center Brochure

Award of Recognition: Booklets 4 or more colors
The Lost Tribes of Isreal – 3rd Edition

Certificate of Merit: Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Quarterly Magazine

Certificate of Merit: Calendars
What Is Not An Idea?

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